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CIAN Diagnostics offers tailored testing programs including pooled testing and individual PCR testing to best serve your organization's needs, advising on the number of tests you require, the type of test, and the logistics for testing, delivery, and reporting.

Pooled Testing

Test up to 25 people in one test. This is the most cost effective solution that allows regular testing and provides a steady flow of information to help give you knowledge and peace of mind.


Allows institutions to deploy reflexive testing strategies when a positive Pool is identified to then re-test and identify the individual/individuals who tested positive.


Provides diagnostic-level assurance to keep your organization safe.  PCR testing can also be used as a follow up to pooled testing, to help pinpoint infections.

how it works

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1. Individual samples are sorted into groups and then tested together.

2. A combined sample from the group either tests negative or positive

3. The positive samples are then tested individually to identify positive cases


1. Organize your people into Pools that fit your COVID-19 testing strategy

2. Organize your testing strategy and specimen collection event

3. Designate the manager of your testing program, who will be our Point of Contact

4. CIAN will institute your customizable ReflexDX program

5. When a positive Pool is identified, i.e., when one or more anonymous samples in a pool of samples is determined to be positive for COVID-19, the ReflexDX team works with you to implement a program

6. Within 12 hours of a positive pool, the ReflexDX team will notify you who was positive

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