CIAN Diagnostics provides urine and oral fluid testing services that allow the ability to identify the presence of a drug or analyte.

We provide accurate and efficient tests with quick turnaround times with the most advanced equipment available. So you can be sure your testing has the most accurate results possible.

Our treatment facilities specialize in providing up-to-date and continued monitoring of the effectiveness of their treatments; as well as how behavioral health management is progressing for each patient. Our laboratories are committed to providing the most accurate and timely drug and alcohol testing results. We also strive to stay on top of drug use trends and the use of new substances that may be out in the market or on the streets.

High Quality Laboratory Testing

We deliver an extensive menu of drug screening tests to provide greater accuracy, and reduce the need for additional testing.

Our testing provides 30+ drug classes, more than double that of a standard EUA screen, resulting in less need for additional testing.

Why It’s Important

Complete and accurate drug test reporting is a key factor in making sure clinicians have the correct information from a drug test. We can help ensure the integrity of the test by measuring pH, creatinine and specific gravity (when indicated) and testing for adulterants that may be added. These results are critical in the overall treatment of a patient’s medical issues. Usage of CIAN Diagnostics state-of-the-art equipment are benificial to clinics and hospitals by:

  • Providing accurate and precise identification and measurements of a minimum of 100 drugs/drug metabolites in urine.
    Our website updates clients to new and expanded drug testing lists as those tests are developed.

  • Real-time access to our team of toxicologists for questions about tests and results.

  • Combined reporting of drug tests and TDM results.

Flexible Testing Options

Screen only

Screen with conditional confirmation

Confirm a single drug / class of drug / category of drug

Test menu of 30+ drug classes / 130+ compounds

Urine and oral fluids

Clinics, Hospitals & Urgent Cares

CIAN Diagnostics provides a broad spectrum of testing so you can spend your valuable time treating patients, not chasing down multiple laboratories. Services include:


Infectious Disease


Treatment Facilities

CIAN Diagnostics specializes in highly accurate Urine Drug Testing for your patients. At CIAN Diagnostics, your patients benefit from our years of cumulative experience in addiction medicine:

Access to better technology

Faster turnaround times

Unparalleled quality in Urine Drug Testing


Confident Decision Support

Rapid results – reports consistently delivered with 24-36 hours of sample receipt

Variety of report formats deliver results at-a-glance and/or in detail

Meets national, state, and professional guidelines for risk-stratified patient monitoring programs

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CIAN Diagnostics is committed to providing attentive customer service. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our testing options.


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