Molecular Testing

Primary Care

Our primary care testing panels help you guarantee patient compliance, assess risks, and monitor patients’ use of prescription medications.

In addition, we can create custom panels to suit the particular needs of your practice. You can even select individual micro-organisms and pathogens. CIAN’s flexible testing options ensure that every test provides valuable insight into your patients’ health.

Addiction Treatment

Regular drug testing plays a crucial role in addiction treatment. Testing provides an objective way to monitor patient progress. CIAN’s comprehensive test panels help you guide patients to recovery.

For more information on addiction, visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) website.

CIAN Diagnostics offers a wide range of diagnostic tests to fit women’s unique health concerns. Whether you’re an OB/GYN or a primary care physician, CIAN’s reproductive testing panels enable you to provide informed medical care to your patients at every step of their lives.

  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections

    • Chlamydia

    • Gonorrhea

  • Cervical Cancer Testing

  • Maternal Serum Testing

  • Carrier Testing

  • Reproductive Donor Testing

  • Reproductive Endocrine Testing

  • Preimplantation Testing

Why It’s Important

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions among women and without a high degree of accuracy in testing, co-infection and co-morbidities are often missed and the resulting antibiotic interventions can actually do more harm than good.

Testing Procedure

  • Urine specimen is collected in a sterile specimen collection container

  • The specimen collection container is then packaged in a prepaid FedEx or UPS overnight envelope

  • The specimen is overnighted to CIAN Diagnostics to be processed for testing with same day results

Antibiotic Resistance Panel (ABR) || Antibiotic - Gene

  • Methicillin - Meca

  • Vancomycin - Vana1

  • Vancomycin - Vana2

  • Vancomycin - Vanb

  • Quinolone and fluoroquinolone resistance - Qnra

  • Quinolone and fluoroquinolone resistance - Qnrb

  • Macrolidine Resistance - Erma

  • Macrolidine Resistance - Ermb

  • Macrolidine Resistance - Ermc

  • Ampicillin - Ampc

  • Tetracycline - Tetm

  • Carbapenem Resistance - Vim

  • Carbapenem Resistance - Kpc

  • Carbapenem Resistance - Oxa-23

  • Carbapenem Resistance - Imp-16

  • Carbapenem Resistance - Imp-7

  • Carbapenem Resistance Oxa-72

  • Carbapenem Resistance Oxa-40

  • Carbapenem Resistance - Oxa-58

  • Carbapenem Resistance - Ndm

  • Beta-Lactam - Blashv - 5

  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamasa - Shv

  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamasa - Ctx-M Group 1

  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamasa - Ctx-M Group 2

  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamasa - Ctx-M Group 9

  • Extended-Spectrum-Betalactamasa - Ctx-M Group 8/25

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